Below is our price list.  If there is a repair you need that's not listed, please contact us for a free estimate.  Discounts are available for multiple repairs.  Free postage for 5 or more case repairs.  

Hinges:        Description of repair:                                                        Price $:
                     Hinge on lid, reblock and refinish                                         45.00
                     One or more hinges on center reblock and refinish         50.00
                     One set of hinges, reblock and refinish                               60.00
                     Two sets of hinges, reblock and refinish                             65.00

Springs:        Description of repair:                                                        Price $:
                      Furnish & fit lift spring and refinish case                              40.00
                      Furnish & fit catch spring and refinish case                         40.00
                      Furnish & fit lift and catch springs and refinish case          50.00
                      Special or difficult springs fit to case and refinish               60.00
                      Catch piece made to case, reblock and refinish                   45.00
                      Bearing made to case, reblock and refinish                          60.00
                      Dents, reblock refinish                                                              35.00
                      Remove engraving and plate case                                          45.00
Bezels:         Description of repair:                                                            Price $:
                      Bezel and crystal made to case (brass, gold plated)           60.00
                      Special Bezels                                                                           75.00 
Pents:           Description of repair:                                                            Price $:
                      Pennant complete, crown, stem, sleeve                                60.00
                      Repair pennant ear and bow                                                   45.00 
                      Crown, stem, sleeve                                                                  45.00
                      Bows                                                                                            30.00
                      Pushers made to case                                                               50.00
                      Some case parts                                    contact us for an estimate

Shipping:     Free shipping or 5 or more case repairs 


                      Postage is $8.00 for insured mail (insured to $200.00)

                      Registered $18.00 with $500.00 coverage


                      Contact us for any special shipping requests.

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